Witch's Brew

Under the enchanting moonlight, a mysterious beauty in a dark cloak is brewing something dangerous. What is inside the cauldron that the lovely witch is currently processing? Frog, lizard, mandragora? Beware of a nasty love potion…

It's always Halloween night in the forest of the witch. Magical and whimsical, the lovely witch will and can make any potions that she feels like making. A little love for the handsome young man, or a deadly poison for the noisy woodcutter? Maybe a cure for addicted gamblers? Oh no, there's no cure for that.

A Bewitching and mysterious theme with a FANTASTIC SPECIAL SYMBOL feature, in the FREE GAMES symbol, can be chosen to become a SPECIAL SYMBOL and expand to fill all the REELS winning on ALL WINLINES.

Lovely NEW GAME with INSANE BIG WINS in WONDERFUL FEATURES. Come for the BEAUTY and stay for the PROFITS.