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Oct 30th 2019

Wild Fairies

Feel the power of the nature in Wild Fairies, the 3×5, 25 lines videoslot. The Fire, Water and Nature Fairies are stacked on all…
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Jan 8th 2020

The Wild Protectors

Join an exciting journey to the West with Sun Wukong in The Wild Protectors, the 3×5, 25 lines slot game. The Tang Sanzang, Zhu…
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Jan 8th 2020

Dragon of the Eastern Sea

This new fantasy Slot Game has 4x5 reel with 1024 win-ways paylines, internal jackpot and Gold Reel function to let you have the…
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Sep 11th 2019

Chilli Hunter

Welcome to Mexico land with Chillis, Sombreros, Maracas and Mexican-dressed males.Your mouth will be on fire after a few spins …
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Oct 18th 2019

Bagua 2

Fengshui stones that were governed by the powerful Bagua. It will point you to the most correct path to riches and glory.
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Jul 3rd 2019

Horus Eye

Behold the power of the Sun God Horus… and gaze into his glorious Eye. Down on your knee, mortals!!!
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Oct 18th 2019

Octagon Gem 2

This new gorgeous Slot Game has 3x5 reels with 20 paylines to let you have higher chance of winning. Plus, we have the CASCADING…
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Oct 11th 2019

Neptune Bingo

We harmoniously combine the aquarium space in the deep ocean and the powerful appearance of the neptune sea god with the fun of…
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